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CEPOA Board Meetings

Board meetings are normally the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  All members are invited to attend virtually.  The next Board meeting is scheduled for:

August 21, 2024 at 6:30 PM

For member zoom meeting information, see agenda emailed prior to the meeting and posted at link below.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes


Douglas County Referrals

CEPOA is sometimes contacted by Douglas County when there is proposed activity in nearby areas that may impact Chatfield East residents.  Unless the proposed activity is against our Covenants, the Board is unlikely to submit a response.  However, individuals are always welcome to provide comments to Douglas County.  The following are referrals that we received (please note this is not meant to be an exhaustive list):

[none at this time]

Upcoming Events

Chatfield East Entrance Cleanup

Do you want to help keep our Chatfield East entrance mowed and trash free?  If so, use “Contact Us” to sign up!   You (or your entire family) can adopt the month of your choice, you could also organize a social event with neighbors.

Please note that months May through September will require mowing. Additional coordination may be needed if you sign up for one of those months but can’t do the mowing.  Here’s the list to help us keep track of our wonderful volunteers:

Month Tasks Responsible Member Lot No.
April Pick-up Trash Mary Gross 16
May Mow, Pick-up Trash
June Mow, Pick-up Trash
July Mow, Pick-up Trash Mark Hochstedler 21
August Mow, Pick-up Trash
September Mow, Pick-up Trash Jennifer Fountain 99
October Pick-up Trash Sue & Jim Buszkiewic 76
November Pick-up Trash Sue & Jim Buszkiewic 76
December Pick-up Trash Sue & Jim Buszkiewic 76
January Pick-up Trash Mary Gross 16
February Pick-up Trash
March Pick-up Trash

If you want to volunteer to mow trails or the Park (when the County can’t get to it), CEPOA can have volunteers do this work by having the volunteer sign a waiver. We can reimburse those volunteers for fuel (with receipt) and wear and tear on equipment.  Please use “Contact Us” if interested.