The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) has the authority under CEPOA Covenants 2 and 3 of reviewing and approving/rejecting all plans for all improvements (new or remodeled dwellings and outbuildings) as well as fences to be constructed on each Chatfield East lot.  ACC approval is not required for improvements or changes that are limited to building interiors only.  Nor is ACC approval required when conducting exterior repairs and/or maintenance (as defined by any repair within the existing footprint and using similar building materials).

The current ACC members are Ryan Patterson, Rich Bell, and Bryan Spencer.

If you would like to be considered for a position on the CEPOA Architectural Control Committee, contact the Board at

If you are planning a project, please review and comply with the ACC Guidelines.  This may include completing the ACC Residential Improvement Application below.

If you see and want to report a covenant violation, please first read the Covenants carefully to ensure it is an actual violation, then complete the Covenant Violation Complaint Form and submit to the Board of Directors at

ACC Residential Improvement Application:

ACC Residential Improvement
(Please note: You may appeal ACC decisions or ask for a variance by contacting the Board at
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When filling out the improvement application form, please include as much specific information as possible. Please see the CEPOA Procedures Of The Architectural Control Committee document for a complete list of documentation to submit with this form, as well as other information regarding the ACC process. Note that the Architectural Guidelines For New/Remodeling Of Existing Structures document contains the guidelines that the ACC uses to approve an application.